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Meco Electric Grills

If you've never used an electric grill before, you will be surprised by the awesome flavors this grill delivers! Why settle for less when you can own a clean and safe electric grill? These grills feature thermostatic controls and a three-position cooking element. Not only will these electric grills give you the great taste you expect from outdoor cooking, but there is no charcoal to mess with and no propane tank to fill. Just plug your grill in and enjoy!

We carry two different models to choose from:

-The cart style grill has wheels and stands on it's own. The cart grill is $199, includes tax. (pictured at top right)

-The tabletop model has a small stand and needs to sit on a table. This grill is $149, includes tax. (pictured at bottom right)

Both grills have 200 square inches of useable cooking surface and plug into a standard 120 volt outlet.

Rotisserie available for either grill for $35.

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